One busy afternoon after visiting the Writing Center, Lisa ( from our class) and I decided that we should try to find something to go see or do so that we would have something to write our event papers on. After thinking for a little while, I came up with what I thought was a GREAT idea. November was Native American Heritage month, and all over the walls and nmu’s website was information about a Native American art exhibit inside the Olson Library. I recall nmu online describing it as a way to celebrate the month, so I decided that it would be a good idea to go view the “display”. We were already in the basement of the building, so we were right there.

Once Lisa and I got to the library, I looked around in an attempt to find the display, neither of us saw anything, so I went and asked a guy sitting at the reference desk. When I asked him, he gave me an annoyed little look over his glasses and said, “It’s over there between the magazines and newspapers.”

When I looked over, all I saw was this little glass case and some old newspapers and magazines, so we walked over to get a better looked. When we got to the area, we walked past the case, magazines, and newspapers in search of this “great display”. Once we reached the end of the aisle, Lisa and I burst into laughter. We ran back up to the glass case, and that was in fact the “Native American Heritage display”. It had a few pieces of pottery, and an old purse inside of it. I had no doubt that these were priceless and important treasures, but I couldn’t believe that that was it. The words used to describe it made it seem like it would be something so much bigger. The words describing each piece weren’t even engraved in any kind of plaque. They were printed out and taped to the bottom. We found it to be hilarious (maybe one of those “you had to be there” moments). We were so loud in the library.


Call me a big softy, but on several occasions, I almost cried watching this movie. You would like to think that although we all have our faults, this world isn’t all that bad, but in reality, it is. There are people out there right this very minute suffering, yet we do nothing about it. There are kids even in this town, hungry, tired, and mad, getting into trouble because there is no other way that they know of to get rid of their anger. Around the world there are people living way below the poverty line, dying from AIDS, starving, or all of the above and this video just reminds you of that fact.  It really makes you think and want to be proactive, but it’s still very depressing 😦 .


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This weeks complaint 🙂 is about a debate that was brought up at a hall government meeting. The school wants to change policies to discourage students from drinking in the dorms. Believe it or not, but this college was supposed to be a ” dry” campus, meaning there is no alcohol here ( we all know how true that is).They are tired of complaints from parents and members of the community that feel that this is not a “dry” campus as people use empty bottles as decorations and memories from that one crazy night,  One of the new policies that the school was getting opinions on was rather or not students should get in trouble for having empty cans or bottles in their room. I feel that students should be penalized for having empty containers in their rooms.

First of all, if you are under twenty-one, you are breaking the law by drinking anyway. If a RA just so happens to find empty cans in your room during a fire drill, then its your fault you got caught. There is no one else to blame. Some students say that they like to recycle the cans and bottles, so they like to keep them. If that’s what you want to do, then do it. Keep them hidden or just don’t bring them in the dorms.

The president of our hall said that the penalties for these offenses aren’t harsh now because they realize that the “transition” from high school to college is a difficult thing. I say transition my behind. You should know by now to how to not break the law or at least not get caught from your eighteen or more years of living with your parents. The ( hopefully) raised you to not be a moron, and if you are, you just have to learn.

I’m totally ranting here, but people really do need to learn how to take responsibility for themselves.


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These websites are either helpful with school or with looking up general information, or they help me to procrastinate 🙂 .

1. Facebook

2. Myspace

3. Google

4. Yahoo


6. Addicting


8. Projectplaylist

9. nmuwebmail, yahoo mail

10. ebay

Right now I am absolutely overwhelmed with emotion about Barack Obama’s win, but I’m also a little gloomy. Many people may think that the joy that a lot of people are feeling right now is overkill, but it is about so much more than having Bush out of office. Barack Obama is the first African American president in history. Once upon a time black people couldn’t vote. Even farther in time than that, we were treated worse than cattle. I never thought that the people of America could let go of its hatred for difference long enough to see that Obama might do some good for this country. I had totally lost faith in people.

This election was such a huge deal because people DIED for this kind of change to come about. People dangled from trees like ornaments, were hosed down while they protested for basic freedoms, and were dragged to pieces for this to happen. Tears come to my eyes when I think about what had to happen in order for things to change. Regardless of how people say it’s over, yes he’s black who cares, I will remain overjoyed and hopeful that maybe someday this world will actually change. If you saw it through my eyes, you’d see that we still have a long way to go.

Here is the list of things that absolutely, poistively, get on my last nerve:

1. People that drive while talking on the phone/ eating/ putting make-up on. They wonder why you hunk at them when they are either going way too fast behind you or going five miles per hour in front of you.

2. Cheaters

3. Slow walking in a crowded hall way

4. Long Lines

5. People who think that they are right ALL the time

6. Racism

7. The fact that society says that guys who date around are “playas” but girls who date around are “hoes”.

8. Stupidity( even my own 🙂 )

9. Sexism

10. Gossip

These are not in perfect order, but they are all huge pet peeves.


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My complaint for this week 🙂 is about some teachers/ professors. Some educators of today worry about the decline of young people who attend school. While I don’t condone skipping school not one bit, some educators make learning very dry, boring, and uninteresting. Sometimes I find it difficult to stay in a classroom seat regardless of my love for education because it is so boring. I know that it is very difficult for educators to get through years of knowledge in just one semester, but I wish that they could make it at least a little bit easier to listen to.


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In general, debating is awesome. I love to argue my opinion, and its also a great way to learn to look at things in other points of view. When it comes to debating, my weakness is the fact that I sometimes aim to make other people sound stupid instead of trying to see their side of the issue. My strength in debating, contradicting my weakness, is that I do like to see the views of others and I try to be unbiased.

Here is a list of my favorite topics ( or the ones that come up the most) to debate about:

1. Problems in urban areas and how they could be changed

2. Education in the city(my hometown) vs. other cities

3. How old a person should be before they can truly fall in love

4. How old a person should be before they get married

5. Is living with a significant other okay if you’re not married?

6. Where do children pick up their behavior?

7. How old a person should be before they start dating

8. Both parents are vital to a child, but is a boy greatly affected if they have no male role models in their lives when they are growing up?

9. Should high school students be allowed to carry backpacks ( this was always debated in high school)

10. Does the media greatly affect the way that children behave?


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Although I am the kind of person who has a million opinions, I had an extremely difficult time coming up with something to write about. I felt that way until this weekend.

I love both of my parents very much, but I believe that they, as well as parents every where, should take it easy sometimes and try not to worry their heads off every minute. A lot of the things that they do to protect( which is a fancy word for shelter) their kids is way out of line.

This weekend, I went to Walmart with some friends. Since this particular group was all freshmen, we didn’t have cars, so we took a cab. I ended up leaving my phone in the cab, and the driver called my dad to tell him. My dad didn’t end up getting the message until early that morning and my parents freaked out. They called my boyfriends mom, and when she couldn’t reach him, they called my FRIENDS’ mom. When they didn’t get a quick enough response, they called the police! Sheesh, you would think that they found my severed toe in the cab or something! This event was blown way out of proportion.

I’m not a parent, so I could just be putting my own foot in my mouth when I say that sometimes parents go way overboard with the protection thing. I hope that one day, they’ll learn to relax a little.

My ideal mates’ name is Darion. He is 6’1, has big, beautiful brown eyes that changes color with the seasons, and chocolate colored skin. He has a huge smile and yes, what all ladies want, a washboard stomach. 🙂 All jokes aside, looks are not the only things that matter( even though they are great bonuses).

As far as the interior is concerned, my ideal mate has to be( he is 🙂 ) a HUGE variety of attitudes contrary to the sexist views of some men. He should be aggressive, but at the same time sweet and sensitive. I don’t appreciate a guy who feels as though it is his job to talk down to a woman because I only have ONE father. At the same time, I don’t agree with a guy being a complete pushover either. He should believe that the relationship is fifty/fifty. My ideal mate should have an outstanding sense of humor, but should also know when to tone it down. He should show respect for not only me, but for all women, refraining from calling them “bitches” and “hoes”.  He should have goals that extend beyond wealth. His aspirations should include family, career and education. He shouldn’t be perfect becuase that would be unrealistic. I could go on forever, but my ideal mate should ( and does) possess all of these qualities.